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Pothead - Jointification (2015), Brutal Death Metal , Goregrind

*Артист: Pothead
*Альбом: Jointification
*Год: 2015
*Стиль: Brutal Death Metal , Goregrind
*Страна: Czech Republic
*Формат: mp3@320kbps
*Размер: 92MB

1. The Pothead Show Part I. (Intro)
2. Ganjaleptic Cannabisation Of Jointless Weediectomy (Feat. Brainy Thug)
3. Massive Weedcake Regurgitation
4. Pothead Family
5. Smokin' Break
6. Suffocated By The Too Huge Bong Hit
7. Cannabis Caviar
8. Grinded, Rolled & Smoked Out
9. I'll Make You High
10. Died After Smoking 100 Grams Of Weed
11. Vomiting After Oversmoking
12. Jointification
13. Drastical Decomposition Of Last Year Harvest (Feat. Storm)
14. Afterweed Brain Deformation
15. Congenital Weedaddiction
16. Breath Like Rotten Weed
17. Weedbeat
18. Joint Against Humanity
19. Stoned To Death
20. Intravenous Consumation Of Liquified Ganja
21. Crackling Sound Of Burning Cannabis During Smoking A Joint
22. The Pothead Show Part II. (Outro)
23. Weed Bisquit (Eatin')
Полное время альбома: 37:38


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