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Man Must Die - Peace Was Never An Option (2013), Technical Death Metal

*Артист: Man Must Die
*Альбом: Peace Was Never An Option
*Год: 2013
*Стиль: Technical Death Metal
*Страна: United Kingdom
*Формат: mp3@320kbps
*Размер: 126MB

1. Congregation
2. Hiding In Plain Sight
3. Patriot
4. The Hell I Fear
5. Sectarian
6. Dissolution
7. Absence Makes The Hate Grow Stronger
8. The Price You Pay
9. Antisocial Network
10. Abuser Friendly (feat. Max Cavalera)
11. On The Verge Of Collapse
12. The Day I Died
Полное время альбома: 54:47


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