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Apoplexy - Dissection Till Perfection (2012), Deathgrind

*Артист: Apoplexy
*Альбом: Dissection Till Perfection
*Год: 2012
*Стиль: Deathgrind
*Страна: United States
*Формат: mp3@320kbps
*Размер: 67,6MB

1.Disseminating Theca Insuring Immediate Bodily Destruction 03:12
2.Laying on Her Side Gutted and Terrified 01:22
3.Exhudation of Flatulent Discharge and Festoring Fetor Causing Instantaneous Aphrodesia 03:34
4.Party at the Morgue 01:09
5.Pustulating Mass of Excretion 02:47
6.For the Love of Pathology 02:59
7.Dissect Exhume Devour (Haemorrhage cover) 01:52
8.Crusted Clots of Withered Sinew 02:32
9.Dissection Till Perfection 02:08
10.Surgical Pathology 03:25
11.The Extraction of Human Organs Always Smells a Bit Foul 04:24
Полное время альбома: 29:24


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