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Vomitous Mass - Sufferings From Defleshment (2015) | Brutal Death Metal

*Артист: Vomitous Mass
*Альбом: Sufferings From Defleshment
*Год: 2015
*Стиль: Brutal Death Metal
*Страна: Russian Federation
*Формат: mp3@320kbps
*Размер: 79,2MB

1. Time To Kill
2. They Must Eat
3. Impalement With Strangulation
4. Devour Excrement
5. Apogee Of A Collapsing Humanity
6. Eviscerated Sodomy
7. Decomposing Amputated Entrails
8. Abominable Devourment
9. Sufferings From Defleshment
10. Throat Fisting Abortion (Abominable Putridity Cover)
11. Rabid (Mortician Cover)
Полное время альбома: 33:28


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