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Human Pancake - The Fetid Embrace Of These Putrefactive Vapors (2015) | Goregrind

*Артист: Human Pancake
*Альбом: The Fetid Embrace Of These Putrefactive Vapors
*Год: 2015
*Стиль: Goregrind
*Страна: India
*Формат: mp3@320kbps
*Размер: 57,5MB

01. Decomposing Within A Cloud Of Methane Vapor 01:09
02. Impaled Through The Torso 00:39
03. Poking Holes Through My Tongue 00:34
04. The Contours Of The Human Skull Were Non-Exsistant 00:47
05. Self-Electrocution 00:08
06. Ripped Out Cartilage Like Stringy Meat 01:07
07. Unidentified Bodies In Deep Waters 00:21
08. Putrescine Vapors Diffusing In The Air From An Open Sewer 00:31
09. Blood Rushing From The Mouth As The Body Convulses And Distorts 01:17
10. Injected With Hydrogen Peroxide 00:16
11. Acute Neurotoxicity 00:53
12. Fileted Into A Human Steak Platter 00:28
13. Beaten To Death With The Bones Of A Dismembered Old Woman 00:48
14. Thrown Off The Top Of A Thirty Story Buliding 00:32
15. Watching As My Insides Slowly Turn To Rot 00:23
16. Jamming A Rusted Steel Catheter Down A Inflamed Urethra 00:45
17. Dripping Puddles Of Melted Lead Onto The Skin 00:43
18. Bleeding Out From Sustained Wounds To The Jaw 00:02
19. The Fragmented Pace Of Coagulated Larval Sludge Down The Aorta 01:10
20. Disgorging Copious Amounts Of Hemorrhagic Mucosa Through The Large Intestine 01:02
21. Burning Sensations Of The Urinary Tract 01:27
22. Connective Tissues Reactions In Malignant Disease (Feculent Goretomb Cover) 00:53
23. Virulent Cyst Growth In The Esophagus 00:47
24. Parasites Living Off The Bile Stored In The Gallbladder 00:36
25. Eaten Alive By Flesh Eating Worms 00:08
26. With The Righteous Intentions To Decay 01:17
27. Rotting In The Bottom Of A Septic Tank 00:35
28. The Sounds As The Wheels Of The Bus Distort Your Lifeless Body 00:49
29. Harmonious Tones Of Shattered Teeth (Embryonic Cryptopathia Cover) 00:52
30. The Serenity Of Death And The Majesty Of The Black Putrefaction 02:48
Полное время альбома: 23:47


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